Seaquence is a music app for iOS that enables you to compose sounds with collections of organic creatures, each with their own synth voice. Only the voices in view can be heard, resulting in organic and dynamic soundscapes as you explore and create your mix. The creatures body and tail are generated from the parameters of its synth and sequencer, which in turn modify its swimming patterns. Creating music with Seaquence is both visually and sonically immersive – it’s an audiovisual experience!

Seaquence has a richly featured synth and timing engine controlled by a fun and direct interface. You can share your sessions with friends, and discover what other people are making to get inspired. Even composers who are brand new to music and synthesis will be able to unlock their synesthetic creativity.

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Included with FREE download:

  • Fully featured polyphonic synthesis module with support of up to 5 note polyphony per voice
  • Dynamic spatial mixer and stereo-panning engine
  • A true multitouch experience, up to 11 simultaneous touch points supported.
  • Unique swimming physics and swim behaviors — swim patterns are based on synth voice parameters
  • Up to 8 voices can be heard simultaneously
  • Precision, sample-based clock and sequencing engine
  • Intuitive visual multitouch voice editor
  • 16x16 multitouch sequencer matrix
  • Chromatic scale editor
  • Octave editor
  • Amplitude envelope + length (ADSR+L) with curves and “hold”
  • 5 oscillator waveform shapes: Square, Saw, Tri, Sin, Noise
  • Social sharing features — Get a link to share your creations to friends
  • Parent links are maintained — trace back the history of a composition, see who remixed your creations

A single in-app purchase for the introductory price of $6.99 USD unlocks the full app and includes:

  • State-variable filter with hi-pass, band-pass, lo-pass, and notch modes
  • Filter attack envelope with resonance Q and curve editor.
  • Swing/Shuffle
  • Note step editor: 1/1 to 1/64, including triplets
  • Global transpose
  • Tempo/BPM
  • Portamento/Glide with curve editor
  • Additional voice modes in addition to Polyphonic:
    • Monophonic with sub-oscillator tuned to a 5th
    • Unison with detune
  • Delay FX module with feedback and individual voice FX-Send
  • MIDI Notes In/Out: Send/Receive MIDI notes from external gear, up to 16 MIDI channels, addressable per voice
  • MIDI Ctrl In/Out: Send/Receive MIDI ctrl data from external gear, up to 16 MIDI channels, addressable per voice
  • MIDI clock sync: master or slave

10% of all profits go towards supporting our community at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a San Francisco non-profit arts organization.

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