Beginnings of Knobs

The first UI element created was the Knob.

For months, the app was mostly knobs, initially without labels.

The intent wasn’t to use the knob in the final app, but it gave us a way to test the synth parameters.

In fact our rough metric for progress was: How many parameters are still knobs?

By the time we began adding other UI elements the synth was mostly done.

PD Patching

Repatching and cleaning up patches:



Local Controls

Sequencer + Synth

Proof of concept compiling libcinder and PD in harmony. Step sequencer with tempo and glide controls, and a delayline with delay time, feedback, and mix.

Controls from the top down: Tempo, Glide, Delay Time, Feedback, Delay Mix

PD Sequencer Patch

PD Pitch Delay Patch

Limiter and Stuff

Worked out of CDG today.

  • Scene elem transform
  • Began implementing tap recognizer
  • Tweaked ripple effect
  • UI Toggle Element
  • Added audio limiter to solve clipping issues

Cleaned up some of the PD patches:



Delay Controls

Tape Delay

Audio limiter